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Canada Hunt Gear Ltd. consists of a team of experienced dedicated hunters and professional operators, who strive to provide you with quality products at reasonable prices. All of our products have been field tested, to ensure quality and durability, and we use them on every hunting expedition. 

At Canada Hunt Gear, our premier product, the blaze orange molle hunting vest, was conceived in 2009. I was watching my son prepare his infantry equipment for a military tour in Afghanistan with the Canadian Armed Forces. Although, I was familiar with tactical vests, I had never spent as much time meticulously inspecting one, as I did on this occasion. I was greatly impressed with how his vest was designed to evenly distribute weight on the body, while having the ability to customize the pouch configuration to suite personal preference. 

As an avid hunter over the past twenty five years, I've carried my gear in jacket pockets, backpacks, and fanny packs. Jackets imposed a limit to the amount of equipment that I could carry, and I always had to remember to transfer everything, when I changed clothing to accommodate the weather conditions. A backpack did provide a comfortable carry and ample storage space, but it became a nuisance when it occasionally knocked my rifle strap off my shoulder. I found that fanny packs eventually contributed to sore back muscles during my prolonged excursions, When accessing the contents of either the back or fanny pack, it forced me to remove my firearm and made excessive noise.    

The idea of a blaze orange hunting vest, that combined the durability and practical aspects of a tactical vest was then born. I could now keep all my gear neatly organized in any pouch configuration that was comfortable, and have the ability to pick it up at anytime without worrying about forgetting a critical piece of kit. It allows me to wear any type of clothing, that suites the changing weather conditions, and meet the hunter orange safety requirements of both Canada and the U.S.A.

On the safe return of my son, we decided to design, manufacture, and field test this new concept during a moose hunt in northern British Columbia. It was an overwhelming success! Over the next several years we developed and torture tested five various prototypes of the vest, before producing our current model.Nothing was overlooked during this process. Durability, practicality, and comfort were all key considerations in the design.

A water resistant 600D polyester material was used to provide both strength and durability. Standard milspec (PALS) molle webbing was placed on the vest to accept not only our pouches, but all other standard molle style pouches. Our pouches include molle webbing on the back side to tightly secure the load and improve overall balance. Drainage grommets have been added to each pouch to keep the contents as dry as possible, even during extremely wet conditions. Simple things, like the absence of Velcro on pockets, was purposely omitted to eliminate noise during a stealth hunt mode. Our plastic buckles can be quietly opened and closed to avoid alerting wildlife. Elastic cartridge loops were added to the inside of one of our pouch designs to carry additional ammo and keep it dry and secure. The extra large pouch has cinch straps, and an internal draw string with a clasp for the hunter that requires extra space to carry clothing, blankets, food, etc. Additional molle webbing covers the entire back of the vest to allow maximum attachment. We decided to include a strong drag handle for safety, in the event of an accidental slip into the creek, or a serious medical emergency. The inside back of the vest has a zippered padded pocket that houses our 2.5 litre hydration bladder, with ties that keep it from moving. The hose slides internally through sleeves in both of the shoulder straps, making it comfortable to wear on either side. For extreme cold weather conditions where water may freeze, the bladder can be removed providing additional storage for extra clothing or gear. The front inside panels have mesh to provide a layer between you and the external polyester material. These inside panels also have one zippered and one open pocket on each side to house your maps, documents, or other important personal effects.

This vest is truly a one size fits all. It has padded shoulder straps and six waist straps, that are all adjustable to accommodate any body type. The front has a zipper and three buckles that give you the choice of closing the cold out, or opening up, to allow your body heat to escape during warm days. 

We sincerely hope that you will enjoy our Canada Hunt Gear products!

Ralph Primerano

Founder & CEO



Written by Ralph Primerano — July 29, 2014


First Post

Canada Hunt Gear Ltd. consists of a team of experienced dedicated hunters and professional operators, who strive to provide you with quality products at reasonable prices. All of our products have been field tested, to ensure...


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